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Connecting with the world through Football

Experience the world through football.
Make friends all over the world through football.
Towards a world connected by friendship.
Football has the power to bring the world together.


Published in International Development Journal !!

An article was published in the April issue of the International Development Journal, ‘From the World's Landscape’.



*Photo taken from the April issue of the International Development Journal, No. 808, 1 April 2024.


JFA Crowdfunding achieved!

The JFA crowdfunding campaign, which started on 1 February, reached its target amount and ended on 31 March.

We would like to thank the 174 people who supported us.

Many other people have also supported us with warm messages, spreading information and so much more!


Thank you very much for your cooperation !!


elected as an award-winning organisation by the Director General of the Sports Agency!

The organisation's initiative "Beyond borders CAMP 2023 in Nepal" has been selected as an award-winning organisation by the Director General of the Sports Agency.

We will continue to create opportunities for as many Japanese children as possible to experience 'Connections with people' and 'Connections with the world' through football, transcending differences in nationality, ethnicity, language and religion.

Seeds、sports×international exchange、Soccer

Beyond borders CAMP 2024 decided &
JFA crowdfounding Launche!

Beyond borders CAMP 2024 is now in Tanzania!

​In addition, Beyond borders CAMP has been selected for JFA crowdfunding.


The aim is to make the expedition accessible to any child who wants to participate, regardless of their financial situation.

We would like to ask for your cooperation!

soccer、JFA Crowdfunding

Beyond borders CAMP 2023 Concluded

Beyond borders CAMP 2023 in Nepal has come to end.

Twelve athletes of different ages and backgrounds spent a week together in Nepal.

The Japanese and Nepalese teamed up together and deepened their connection through football at the Reale Cup.
The players had homestays and school visits, and had interactions with the local people that transcended language barriers.
On the other hand, they also encountered the reality of serious air pollution and inconvenient living conditions.

The week provided an opportunity to think about "connections between people" and "connections with the world".


Thank you to certified NPO Reale World, FC Reale and NPO Colorbath for their cooperation.

football、Beyond borders CAMP、Seeds

Selected for a grant from the LUSH Charity Bank!

Seeds Association has been selected as a grant applicant for the LUSH Charity Bank!

Thank you to everyone who cooperated and participated in Beyond borders CAMP & Beyond borders CUP.

We would like to further improve our activities in 2024.

Thank you for your continued support.

football、LUSH charity

Published in HUFF POST!

Seeds' project was featured in HUFFPOST!S

​Thank you to the writer, Mr Hayashi, for his cooperation.


Beyond borders CUP 2023 Concluded!

More than 70 people of nine nationalities in total, including Kurds in Japan, Rohingya ethnic groups in Japan and Japanese, from primary schools students to adults, participated in a football exchange that transcended nationalities and generations.

'With one kick, the world is connected.'


The connections created through football are the seeds sown for the desire to make Japan a warm country for everyone living there.

 We would like to thank everyone who helped to organise the tournament, including Mr Nukui from 'Together with Kurds in Japan' and Ms Khadiza from the Rohingya ethnic group.

Beyond borders CUP、soccer tournament

​Concept Movie Created!

A Concept Movie was created to communicate Seeds' vision and concept for its projects.

'Through football, we will increase the "total amount of connections" in the world'.

We would like to share this vision with as many people as possible.


Joined Sport for Tomorrow Consortium as a full member!

In recognition of its activities to date, Seeds Association has been approved for membership in the Sport for Tomorrow Consortium and as a full member. (

We will continue to develop its activities in Japan and abroad under the vision of "increasing the total amount of connections in the world through football"!

We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

 Sports For Tomorrow

Interview with Woman's Leaguer Nana Tsuneda published!

Nana Tsuneda (Iga FC Kunoichi Mie), an active Woman's football player who contributes to society through football, introduced Seeds' programs to 'Sports for Social' (=media supporting social contribution activities through sport).

​Thank you, Ms Tsuneda, for your cooperation!

interview of  soccer league player、football、Seeds

Attitude survey on 'international perspectives' among junior and senior high school students.

​Although many young people want to contribute to the international community, in the Survey on the Attitudes of Young People in Japan and Other Countries conducted by the Cabinet Office in 2008, Japanese young people's self-evaluation of their "international perspective" and their evaluation of Japanese policies were both the lowest among the seven countries covered. This highlights the gap between the thoughts and potential of Japanese youth and reality.

We would like to re-evaluate the views of Japanese youth, especially junior and senior high school students, on their 'international outlook' from the two perspectives of 'individual' and 'national policy', and consider what is needed to expand the potential of Japanese youth.

International perspective、for middle and high school students
International perspective、for middle and high school students

Logo renewed!!

t gives form to an unseen desire to increase the "total volume of connections" in the world.


The "B" and "b" in "Beyond borders" represent children's feet kicking a football,

The overlapping of the colours of the earth, which have no borders - the sea, sky, earth, plants and sun - eliminates the borders that we think "exist",

The hope and potential of the children will burst forth and spread across the world with the ball.

This is what we want to express in our logo.

We would like to take concrete steps towards the world that this logo represents.


Beyond borders CAMP 2022 Concluded!

A total of 11 athletes and coaches from various parts of Japan travelled to Cambodia for six days from 25-30 December.

The trip included joint training and exchange matches with Soltilo FC, football exchanges with local junior high schools, a study tour of a local organisation tackling the problem of Cambodia's rubbish heaps, and a talk on their experiences during the Pol Pot regime.


Thank you to Soltilo FC, Kumae, Bayon Junior High School and everyone who supported the crowdfunding project.

Beyond bordersCAMP、footbal、international exchange

Weaving the World Photo Gallery
「Daily life with football」Project launvhed!

Photo gallery spinning scenes with a ball from around the world

The creation of 'Daily Life with Football' has begun!

The 'everyday life' that is no different from ours in their lives, which they feel is 'extraordinary' due to their different countries, languages and living conditions.

Let's create a story that connects the world with your photos.

We are looking forward to your contributions!

Daily Life with Soccer、Seeds、football

Published in Forbes JAPAN, November 2022!

The "Beyond borders" project was featured in the November 2022 issue of Forbes JAPAN!

Little by little, we can now certainly feel the expansion of our circle of activities.

We will continue to make small steps towards our invisible vision.

Forbes JAPAN、Seeds、football

Crowdfunding target reached!

We would like to thank all our supporters from the bottom of our hearts.

Your support will be used to pay for one part of this expedition.

Supporters : Yusuke Ito, Yugo Iwatani, Kazunori Okamoto, Yuriko Kanetaka, Yasuhiro Kimura, Tadahiro Kobayashi, Masamune Shin, Hiroshi Sekiguchi, Fumi Tanabe, Yuko Nishino, Noriko Baba, Junichiro Honda, Kazuo Masuda, Ryo Yamada and 47 others.


Thank you so much for the cooperation of many other people who sent messages of support and spread information.

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