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Beyond borders CAMP

International experience of connecting oneself with the world through football.

 The only requirement for participation is the desire to play football with the world.

Soccer skills, experience, and affiliation have nothing to do with it.

 You will play football with friends whom you only knew in your mind, who grew up in a different environment from yours, and who live together in the present.

The experience, which is limited only to a few top players, is my experience. 

The experience lightly transcends the boundaries that I had unconsciously created.


Borders, Values, Prejudices, and Past selves.

 It teaches us important lessons for those of us who will live in the world in the future.


 This is a week to change yourself and the world.

football、Seeds、nternational exchange
Program: Program

Beyond borders CUP

​Increasing Japan's connection with football

Individual participation in a football tournament without regard to nationality, age, gender, and all.

Kick a ball with friends you met for the first time that day.

This is the kind of football that liberates the "playful spirit" that is no longer seen in Japan.

​Through the original landscape of football, we hope to make Japan a warm country for everyone who lives here.

We will not let the discrimination and division that exists today be passed on to the next generation.

​Football has that power.

Beyond borders CUP、Seeds、Soccer tournament
Program: Beyond borders project の意義

The Significance of Beyond borders CAMP & CUP

Small "angles" created by experience

The difference that one experience makes may seem slight.

It may be a difference that you don't even notice.

But it’s an "angle" that will make a big difference to you and the world five or ten years from now.

It is not a short-term visible result, but a long-term nurturing experience.

What Beyond borders CAMP brings is a small "angle" that will change the future of children and the world.

Seeds、Concept、football×international exchange
Beyond borders CAMP、Soccer、Seeds
Program: Beyond borders project の意義
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