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Expand "Our Total Linkage ” in the world through football.

Even if we come from different backgrounds, even if we can't understand each other's language, we can kick a ball together. 

This is the essential power of football, linking people.


We are providing this power to children and adults as many as possible.


The world's warmth is made up of the total amount of our linkage.

That is why we aim to keep expanding it.


We believe that our linkage will change the world.

Vision: Vision


Connecting Myself with the World.

"No one left behind" is the principle of SDGs

This means that there are people who are left behind.

They may live in a world different from your own.

Even though they are in a different world and have some visible differences, they are still human beings same as you.

To connect myself with the world is to connect myself with the issues of the world.

We will create a global standard connection through football, which is indispensable for all of us.

football、Seeds、international exchange
Vision: Mission
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